Shamim Sharif Technology Development Company is comprised of a group of graduates of top universities, relying on the technical knowledge of the world in air, water &   wastewater  treatment systems

Our goals are :
• Resolving the environmental problems of industrial wastewaters
• Localization of modern treatment systems
• Ease of operation for the customer
• Reducing operational costs
• Optimal use of water
The company has focused on consultation, design, engineering, procurement and implementation of water and wastewater treatment methods. In this regard, Shamim Sharif Co. has developed an innovative system for the treatment of industrial wastewaters by means of electrochemical processes, which eliminates many of the common problems of wastewater treatment systems and has high efficiency and easy operation too. The company also proudly announces that it has been able to produce ozone generator system for disinfection of air, water and wastewater inside the country.
Services and Products
• Wastewater treatment by electrochemical processes
• Manufacturer of Ozone Generator
• Consultation, design, construction, procurement and implementation of industrial water & wastewater treatment plants
• Re-engineering and upgrading the quality and quantity of existing water & wastewater treatment plants
• Optimizing and solving process and equipment problems and managing existing water & wastewater treatment plants
• Launch, set-up and operation of water & wastewater treatment plants